Welcome to the Joint Owners Section. These pages should help assist you in everything you need to know about becoming an equal owner of one of the most progressive clubs in non-league football.

Joint Ownership subscriptions are crucial to the long term financial stability, competitiveness and success of Scarborough Athletic FC, as well as forming the foundation of our democratic structure. Every single Joint Owner makes a difference to OUR club.

All Joint Owners who submit their email address will automatically receive regular Newsletters, which include financial updates, as well as all the latest news at the club. For the full benefits of your subscriptions, please click on ‘About Joint Ownership’ and ‘Discounts’.

The football club is always looking for supporters with suitable skills to assist in a variety of ways. As a Joint Owner you may simply want to cheer the team, stand for election to the board of Directors at the AGM, or help in positions in between. Simply speak to a director at a match, or email the club at info@scarboroughathletic.com to register your interest.

You can also help the football club by recruiting new or lapsed Joint Owners to pay annual subscriptions and get on board. The more who pay in, the more chance the club have of progressing. It’s as simple as that!

If you have any enquiries, please email ownership@scarboroughathletic.com